Comr. Afrika Becomes NANS National Director Of Affiliated Programs, Acknowledges Asefon, Others

Comr. Areo Oluwatobi Akintunde (Afrika)

Comr. Areo Oluwatobi Akintunde poplarly known as Comr. Afrika appreciate all leaders, comrades and especially the Revolutionary President of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) for appointing him as NANS National Director of Affiliated Program.

Comr. Afrika who aspired for the post of Treasurer at NANS National level in the last convention that took place at Abuja said he’s indebted to all friends, family, colleagues, stakeholders, cadres, and leaders in the association for their congratulatory messages and encouragement given to him.

Read his full acknowledge message:


I was touched and inspired by every generous words of congratulations and encouragement from Friends, Family, Colleagues, Stakeholders, Cadres Leaders and of our dear Association (NANS). With gratitude for the confidence placed in me by the National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) and with an unswerving resolve to honor, I wish to extend my deepest respect and appreciation to all the leaders and peoples of National Association of Nigeria Students NANS for their strong support.

A copy of his appointment letter

My utmost appreciation to the Revolutionary President of National Association of Nigeria Students in the person of Comr. Asefon Sunday Dayo, for the grace given to me by appointing me as the National Director Of Affiliated Progress.I greatly look forward to support the family (NANS) a body that covered 47.6millions Nigeria Students home and diaspora. through my office I have took an oath to serve the interest, and will work tirelessly to serve humanity, as you wisely steer the Association toward a very successful session, my debt to your courage and vision is immeasurable. I resolve to build upon your legacy.

To every Comrades in the struggle, Let us remember that we reform not to please others, but because we value what this Association stands for. We reform because we believe in its future. To revitalize our common endeavor is to renew our faith not only in the NANS programs and purposes but also in each other.

Yours In Nation Building

Comr. Areo Oluwatobi Akintunde (Afrika)
Ekiti State University In Affliated With EACOED OYO
NANS National Director Of Affiliated Program

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