Clash Of Thoughts: “You Have Commercialized Educational System”,NANS President Splashes On Government Face


I was at the Lagos State University (LASU) yesterday where I spoke extensively on the decadence of our educational system.

I have always believed that education has been commercialized in Nigeria. Income and profit have become the first consideration rather than output and social services to the people. The fundamental of education must be recalibrated to building informed minds that could build the nation.

There is, therefore, an urgent need to totally overhaul the education sector, synchronize its output with our societal needs, invest in institutions as a social service rather than an income-generating venture, and also through innovations build self-sustaining educational institutions.

The need to invest in a knowledge based economy to drive our nations economy cannot be over-emphasized and institutions must be adequately empowered to be productive. We must build the Nigeria MIT, Harvard, etc who through innovations, research and technology are positively influencing the nation’s economy.

A nation cannot develop beyond the quality of its educational institutions and we must deliberately do more to see a better and productive educational sector.

Symbol of New NANS.

Together we can make NANS great again.

Viva Aluta.

Asefon Sunday Dayo,
NANS Revolutionary President


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