‘Check You Child’ – Activist Alerts Public To Cult Initiation Trending In Secondary Schools

A Delta State-based activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, on Wednesday alerted the public on a cult initiation process in some secondary schools, known as the ‘snake bite’.

Sharing a picture of the mark on two students’ hands, he wrote on his Facebook page, “Check your child if she or he has this mark, If YES, It’s a mark of initiation into cultism. The mark is called a ‘SNAKE BITE’. Check your children NOW!

“IT’S HAPPENING IN SCHOOLS. This is happening already in some Secondary Schools in Asaba, Delta State. As we conclude findings, we will drop the video on the initiation process.”

Explaining how children get initiated into the cult in a video, Gwamnishu added, “Currently at the Ministry of Education Asaba to tender our findings and report officially. PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILDREN.”

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