BREAKING: ‘Yoruba Nation Agitators Are Foolish’, Osun Ex-Gov, Aregbesola

Former Osun state Governor, and Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola on Saturday said those leading and supporting agitation for the Yoruba Nation are foolish saying “they should consider the consequences of war.”

Aregbesola while speaking at Zenabab Hotel, Ilesha, Osun State during his 64th birthday celebration warned that agitators must consider the women, children, old people and those living with disabilities who are mostly affected.

He said Nigeria must be more united else African countries will be enslaved once again.

He noted that Nigeria is the country that will liberate Africa from all oppressions therefore Nigerians must not give nod to secessionists.

“Anything that threatens and creates a problem for Nigeria may cause backwardness for our country for 50 years,” he added.

Source: The Nation

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  1. You’re the most foolish man at 64 you can’t feel the pose of your people simply because you’re dinning and winning with the Filanis who are raping your mother and sisters also killing and maiming your siblings.

  2. Aregbesosi you must be a very stupid man. Because of the benefit from fulani you did not notice the pain and tears on your mothers chick. Fool

  3. The statement of Aregbesola does not come to me as surprise,he also eat and dine with evil incarnate called himself president of Zoo country Nigeria and his senior brother Tinubu.Just last saturday, 50 people were massacre by Fulani in Igangan,that does not bothered them because their family members are not involved.Time will tell when each and everyone will give account of his/her stewardship to supremebeing.

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