Ban Foreign Matches So That Nigerians Can Watch Nigerian League, Shehu Sani Tells FG

The former Senator who represented Kaduna Central at the 8th Assembly lamented that Nigerians are not showing interest in the Nation’s football league.

He lamented that yesterday’s match between Kano Pillars and Eyimba was not discussed by Nigerians. He said neither the people in Kano nor those in Abia showed interest in that match but if it was to be an English Premiership or European Football matches, countless Nigerians would have been interested.

The former senator suggested the banning of foreign football match broadcast so that Nigerians can start watching the local teams.

“Yesterday, Kano Pillars defeated Eyimba FC by 2:1 at the Ahmadu Bello stadium kaduna; neither the people of Kano nor those of Abia showed any interest in the match. If it were English or European Football matches, the madness could have been immeasurable. What about banning the broadcast of foreign football matches so that we can all be patriots and watch our local teams”, Shehu Sani said.

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