Arsenal Youngster Bukayo Saka Says Why He Would Not Play For Nigeria

The 19 years old Arsenal youngster and England international has placed down why he decided to play for England instead of Nigeria, his father land.

In his statement, he said all his whole family lives in England, and it would be hard for him to adapt to new environment since he has been in England since his childhood.

His statement reads:

“Choosing Nigeria over England would be a tough decision. My whole family has been in England like forever, it would be very strange for me to adapt to an environment that I had never been at since growing up.

“When I grew up all my documents stated that I am English, hopefully Nigeria people will understand. It’s like when you lived with your step father since the young age then your biological father appears when you are already brought up by your step father and invested everything in your life, you cannot just say am going to my biological father who was never there for you”

Meanwhile Arsenal Captain, Aubameyang says he opted for Gabon instead of France because he respects his home country Gabon. He also shun speculations of people by saying he never make mistake of choosing Gabon over France.

He says “my brother I had a choice to win the world cup or to respect my home country. But I decided to respect my home country Gabon.

“I didn’t make a mistake to play for Gabon over France. I feel in peace when I struggle with my family which is Gabon than to choose already rich homes.”

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