Over Our Dead Bodies Will Anambra Be Turned Into A War Zone – Anambra Youth Leader Speaks Ahead Of The State Election


Things may not appear negatively as it is thought of in the forthcoming Anambra Gubernatorial Election which will hold next week 6 November as organized youth bodies in Anambra state are seriously planning against any individual or group that will perpetrate any act or execute plans to turn Anambra state into a state of Anarchy during the Governorship Election.

A youth leader at upper iweka revealed that Anambra Youth leaders of notable divides have coalesced against any group or persons that maybe sponsored to cause mayhem in any guise within the state.

“We pray that security agencies come down from their high horses to collaborate with us for a better intelligence gathering from various communities from now onwards till after the elections.
We are aware that some individuals and groups are mobilizing persons from neighbouring states into Anambra state to cause trouble but we will address them in our forthcoming strategic and circumstantial summit by next week as we will not hesitate to declare troublesome elements persona- non- grata. We will deal with them ourselves before handing them over to security agents if they fail to adhere to our forthcoming resolution/call”, the youth leader revealed.

“Anambra is ours, we know the good and bad within us. We know how best to handle matters as it concerns us. As it concerns Anambra state Governorship Election, we will not allow anyone disrupt it from any ward or Local Government Area as we are deeply strategizing. In the coming days, we will make official statements all things being equal. I can assure you that if the needful is done as planned, Anambra state will have the most peaceful election in the history of Nigeria against the notion in the public domain caused by the sit at home order by IPOB. We choose whose order to obey, when to obey… as for this coming Election, it will hold peacefully I reassure you”, he reaffirmed.

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