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First Classified Limited.
…soaring higher.
BN 3330126).
…(Since 2021).

First Classified Limited is a private limited company established on the 18th of March 2021, the creation of this company was impressed with the aim of making lives better for others to live through the company products & services rendered.

Being a private limited company whose missions, objectives and vision for humanity are streamlined to ensure a better lives among humanity. intends on growing to become a very familiar private limited company responsible for making lives better with the vision of becoming a renowned international private limited company.

Our Products & Services;

1. Classified Limited General Printing; Publishing Firm & General Printing; Publishing of magazines in hard copies, graphics designs, photo frames, 3D & magic mugs, 3D clocks, oil paintings, trow pillows, pencil arts, banners, stickers, stamps, awards(wooden, acrylic & glass), medals, printing press & screen printing.

2. First Classified Limited Foods; Plantain plantation, tomato & pepper production, natural fruit juice production(banana juice, orange juice, pineapple juice and apple juice).

3. First Classified Limited Education; Life coaching & business coaching.

4. First Classified Entertainment; Event planning.

5. First Classified Limited Technology; Forum website & e-commerce website.

First Classified Limited Management.
…soaring higher.

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