“A Good End And New Beginning”, Cytoplasm Of EACOED Gives Baton To New Man


All protocol are well and duly observed.

Indeed, whatever that has a beginning has an end, and whatever that he the Lord has begun shall surely come to a successful end. About a year ago, the student body of Emmanuel Alayande College of Education entrusted us with an important task of representing them in the highest decision-making structures of student governance. I stood here to accept a great responsibility as the President of the Students’ Union Government for the 2020 academic year. This I did not take for granted and recognised it as a sign of the tremendous urge that students had to see great change, a paradigm shift to great purpose and a declaration of possible success in student governance. All praise be to my adorable God who made it possible to run this administration successfully.

Ladies and gentlemen, It is always expected that leadership will come with a lot of challenges, but one can never imagined that the year 2020 would bring us a global crisis. I must express that being a leader during this period was very difficult and taxing. The coronavirus pandemic has been an epic test of character and determination for millions of people around the world; for us, it has been an ultimate leadership test, despite all the challenges we still remain statics as the challenges led us to the ladder of promotion.

I will like to pass my gratitude appreciation to the Grand patron of Aluta forces, the man of integrity and honesty, the provost of the college Dr Rasak Adetunji Adefabi and other college management on the fatherly and motherly support for the success of our tenure I pray may God bless you abundantly.

Am indebted to appreciate my TEAM CONTINUITY for their support and their believe in me, I would like to say congratulations for passing the test we were given. Your resilience and determination to serve the student body continued to thrive during this period. I want to thank you for your hard work and the sacrifices you made, may God bless you all and we shall all meet in Apex level.

Also, I appreciate the inner council, the council of yatalians and my political leader ISHOLA YUSUFF AKINTUNDE, politically baptized as EMPEROR ALKANE and all comrades that stood gallantly with us during the hard time of struggle may God be with you all.

To the Dean students affairs Mr I O Ogundare, and all unit members, we appreciate your commitment to the course of duty. we appreciate the positive engagements we have had with you, especially during this period. Your efforts is trying to ensure that we smoothly transition to the new normal executives. We pray for the success in heeding to resolve any teething problems of our dear College.

Dear successor, this is just the beginning of life, political office is as an opportunity, try to utilize this honor and privilege.There is nothing more corrupting, nothing more destructive of the noblest and finest feelings of our nature, than the exercise of unlimited power.never see yourself as a master, that’s the only way to control life. What you give out is what you take in.

Dear successor, may I tell you the fact, Aluta with violence give nothing, dialogue is a better action ever, I wrote nothing less than 16 letter to the management, dialogue do it all.

Dear successor, your EXCOS and students are your weapon learn how to use them, Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

Dear successor, pls note my last word, I make sure our Union remain a pressure group, I made many sacrifice for the betterment and comfortable living of our colleagues, that is the major purpose of been in office, I hope you can do more better, I pray may God lead you through.

To all the inner council, thank you for understanding what it takes us to be representing you. The future we clamour for is near, today, you entrust Mr success with the mandate of President I hope and pray you won’t regret supporting him. Am really proud to be a member of the council, I hope I can become a king maker in future as my leader always do…. I will be indebted if I fail to acknowledge the support of my friend and family, especially ADENIRAN ALIU, the outgoing FOSSU Vice president, I pray we meet at the Apex level.


“Leadership is neither by age nor by size, but by the spirit inside the age and the size” I really appreciate all like minds for believing in our regime.

To the student populace of EACOED, thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you, and for the support you gave us thus far. You remain our greatest asset as an institution. I always say; leadership is not a competition, and therefore a victory for one is for victory to all. With that being said, I want to thank our student political substructures and other student leaders for always showing us our blind spots; it is through your constructive criticism that we grow as leaders. To those we have wronged in the course of this journey, we ask for your forgiveness.

Thank you all.

God bless Nigeria
God bless Oyo State
God bless Oyo town
God bless EACOED
God bless our Union
God bless the council


Outgoing president of EACOED.

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  1. Congratulations brother,
    May your success be limitless,
    I also pray may your success have a successful tenure of office.

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