NANS Southwest Coordinator Hopeful Celebrates International Student’s Day 2021

I join the whole world to commemorate the International Student’s Day as it is celebrated on 17th of November annually.

With a special focus on ensuring education is available for all students in Nigeria.

As we join the call for proper funding of Education and also encourage a secure learning environments for Nigerian Students.

It is an established realization that education is the only unviersal path leading to a better and more equitable world, the path that reveals our responsibility to contribute to having a better society.

The National Association of Nigeria Student’s(NANS) is combined with students of various institutions of learning in Nigeria who believe that the students are entitled to the knowledge and skills neccesary to contribute to an Egalitarian world.

As we celebrate the commemoration of International students day today, we appeal to every arms of government to take Education serious and make it a priority which is one of the criteria for a better future.

Educational reform should be seen as part of a fundamental transformation of the values and vision of a whole nation.

Research has shown that Countries invest up to 4-6% GDP and 15-20% of their national budgets in education.

Unfortunately in Nigeria, the national budget allocation to education over the last five years (2016 to 2021) have not exceeded 7.14%.Which is too bad.

I celebrate with other Nigerian students especially in the South West.

I stand to represent them as a voice to the voiceless and i would continue to agitate for proper funding of education and also ensure that both managements of tertiary institutions and government take student’s security very important.

I am Comrade Alao John.
I stand for Equality and Active Representation.

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