3rd Year In Office; A Tiring Drive With Tireless Makinde


“It is only who is committed, determined and dedicated that can change the status quo”.

Within the space of three years in the office of Engr. Oluseyi Makinde, he has changed the narrative of governance in Oyo state by upholding the tenets of good governance, and using his superb innovative foresight to revitalize the state.

No matter how brilliant a cabinet is, if the leader is not equally or better endowed, there would be no one to set the pace and direction. If Oyo is presenting itself as an example for other states and attracting attention from within and outside the African continent, it is an indication that a vision is in place and is being remoulded and refined, and a leader possessing character and confidence is also running the show.

Far beyond the number and quality of tireless Makinde monumental projects is the scientism of his methods, the integrated network of projects and programmes that blend with one another and create a seamless, impactful whole. Whether road projects or bus terminal and health facilities, or security or human development programmes, Makinde’s strides in three years possess at once a certain abstractness and concreteness. Abstract because many of the projects seem enviably and reassuringly futuristic; and concrete because they are of practical and immediate use as tools to improve development and raise living standards.

Whichever way one sees Seyi Makinde’s leadership style however, he still has so many achievements to boast of at this present time. I remember vividly the way Makinde was being eulogised when he took over the reigns of leadership of Oyo state. He’s embarking on massive infrastructural development across the length and breadth of Oyo state.

There’s no gainsaying that the administrative fervour, momentum and class set by the Seyi Makinde-led administration has now set the pace throughout the Southwest Nigeria and beyond, as state Governors in Nigeria are emulating the “Oyo template” on principled approach to governance. Indeed, Oyo state is now a reference point when it comes to serving and retired civil service worker’s welfare, likewise that of park management services.

The tireless Makinde has maintained standards that have given all Oyo State Indigenes and residents a pride of place, fulfilment and sense of belonging through his monumental development projects and achievements, practical demonstration of his soaring leadership charisma, wisdom and prudent management of the the meager resources available to the state, which he’s using to transform the entire state since his assuming office.

However, what makes tireless Makinde achievements in the area of governance remarkable is the glaring fact that Seyi Makinde is making good the promises he made to people of Oyo State back in 2019 during the electioneering campaigns. That is, in fulfillment of the unfailing element of trust; to walk the talk when and where it matters most.

As we all know government is a continuum and Seyi Makinde has done well to complete and continue. This is why there are several pictures to mark three years in office mostly in completed projects. It’s therefore morally and political expedient to allow the governor finish the good work he has been doing. Although, there are some other potholes the governor needs to fill to make his second term bid a smooth sail.

Adesina Julius write from Igbeti, Oke Ogun area of Oyo State.

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