Eid-el-Fitri: Apply Ramadan Lessons To Your Daily Activities, Oyo YFNOS Coordinator Tells Muslims

As today marks the celebration of the end of Ramadan and only day in new month of sawanof of Muslims all over the world,I Comrade Moroof Oladejo the YFNOS State Coordinator congratulate the good people of Oyo State most especially the Muslims for the end of Ramadan 2021 which signify new beginning of progress for us all in Oyo state and Nigeria at large.

I also seize the opportunity of this festive season to appreciate our Muslim brothers and sisters in Oyo state for their supports for His Excellency Engr. Sèyì Mákinde and his administration,may the Almighty Allah reward you all for your supports and prayers.

Ramadan has come and has gone but I want our people in Oyo State to remember series of lessons learned from Ramadan and different lectures delivered by Muslim clerics in the state for the betterment of our societies and Oyo State at large.
We must also be faithful to Allah and put Allah’s wills in our minds always because with this, various challenges facing our country and the state could be eased and eradicated.May Allah gives us the strength to do more for His glory.

However, I charge our political leaders to put the fear of Allah in mind as we celebrate this year festival so as to make everyone in the state benefit from the dividend of democracy.
The YFNOS State Coordinator also calls the attention of our amiable governor to the challenges our youths are facing in the state most especially unemployment.

Abraham Lincoln of America in his words says “When I do good,I feel good. When I do bad,I feel bad. That’s my religion.” This should be emulated by us all most especially the youths of Oyo State for us to deliver well for our state and to leave a lasting legacy for the coming generations.

Finally, I urge our Muslim brothers and sisters in the state to pray more for the success of the administration of Engr. Sèyì Mákinde and also call on us to vote rightly in the forthcoming local government elections which is scheduled to hold on 22nd May 2021 so as to have right choice in power and to benefit immensely in the dividends of democracy at the grassroots which is very close to the people.

God bless us all as we celebrate this year Eid-el-Fitr.
On behalf of youths of Oyo State most especially Youths For The New Oyo State (YFNOS),I comrade Moroof Oladejo wish our Muslims happy celebration of Eid-el-Fitr.
God bless Oyo State!

Comrade Moroof Oladejo
YFNOS State Coordinator

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