Armed Fulani Men Invaded Alaafin Sacred Burial Places- Yoruba Groups Tagged it “Shame”, Writes Southwest Govs

The press statement reads:

May 06, 2021 Armed Fulani terrorists have invaded sacred forests where past Alaafin are buried, Apapo O’odua Koya, (AOKOYA) a Pan Yoruba group has said.

In a statement on Thursday, AOKOYA, a coalition of several Pan Yoruba groups said the armed Fulani groups have built five identified armed cells in the historic site which represents one of the most treasured heritage of Yoruba Nation.

The statement signed by AOKOYA’s official, Mr Ahmed Akorede said its officials visited Bara located in Kwara State where many past Alaafin were buried. The glorious Oyo Empire began around 1300.

The group in the letter addressed to South West Governors said ‘We bring to your attention the rude and provocative invasion of the sacred burial grounds of past Alaafin of Yoruba Nation by armed Fulani terrorists.

We did a reconnaissance in the forest. With night vision binoculars, we saw tens of armed Fulani men operating in the forest. Some are herdsmen but the several arms at the disposal of many of them show that they are terrorists”

The group said the armed Fulani have began to deliberately desecrate the place where past Alaafin were buried in a conscious attempt to mock and destroy Yoruba spirituality and prowess.

“Its such a shame. How long are we going to tolerate the desecration of Yoruba heritage by anti-civilisation forces? The Yoruba cannot bear these insults any longer.

We should blame the Fulani Government in Abuja and their collaborators by the time Yoruba people decide to take laws into their hands.”

AOKOYA said it cannot imagine armed Yoruba men invading the sacred places where the Sultans of Sokoto were buried.

AOKOYA said thousands of trees in the forests have been destroyed and burnt by the Fulani invaders. The group said the historical walls in the town have been destroyed by the Fulani who have forcefully occupied the ancient site.

Bara is now located in Kiama Local Government area of Kwara State.

“We write you because you claim to have been elected to protect your people which includes their social,cultural, economic and political heritage.

We call on you to ensure these terrorists are driven out of Yoruba spiritual site. If you don’t do it,the Yoruba people will do it at the right time.”

AOKOYA said part of the historical sites were annexed to Niger State by former dictator, Ibrahim Babangida,his home state, adding that the colonisation of the area was made worse by the appointment of an Emir for the area covering the burial sites of the past Alaafin.

Some six Alaafin are buried in this sacred royal Maosoleum which represents Yoruba spirituality

AOKOYA said “Alaafin Onisile, Ajagbo and many others were buried here. It is indisputably Yoruba territory.

We warn that the illegal occupiers of this Yoruba territory should be prepared for confrontation if they refuse to quit and if the State Government does nothing.


Ahmed Akorede


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