16 Years Old Girl With 4 Children Disgraced In Public After She Got Pregnant For Another Man

A hard to believe story is currently trending online after it was shared by a popular twitter influencer who said she was a witness to it when it was happening.

According to her, a 16 years old girl who has 4 children for a different man entirely was publicly disgraced in the community and beaten after it was found out she was pregnant again for another man.

The 16 years old girl had 4 children for another man but later on, she got married to a man who agreed to take care of her and the 4 children who is not his own biological children. The husband then found out that she got involved with another man who sleeps at their house overnight and reported it to the community leader only to find out she is already pregnant for the man who she has been bringing into the house.

The 16 years old girl who claimed to be 17 years old started fighting the husband there and also fought her mom too after she corrected her saying she is not yet 17.

According to the mom, the young girl is 16 years old now but will be 17 years old this year.

Nigerians expressed their disappointment and most of them pointed out that it is poor background and parenting that might have pushed her to the act of getting pregnant at such early age.

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