12 Years Old Girl Gave Birth To Set Of Twins, Sparks Reactions Online


We must agree that every mother faces a lot, carrying a child for 9-months and when they’re in labor, the only man we need to thank is God our creator for their safe delivery and no other person.

Nowadays kids are giving birth without anything happening to them, while some lose their lives because of the disgrace they will face in society by trying to terminate the pregnancy, but I must say this no matter what position you find yourself don’t ever think of negative stuff. What I mean by negative is something you know is bad, and you know the consequences when doing this it either you lose your life or your womb, please never think about it but face the reality.

There is a picture of a 12-year-old who was posted in a popular group on Facebook “Igbo Rant HQ (By Wisdom)”, this little girl gave birth to a set of twins.

According to the pictures, the lady can be seen lying down beside her two kids, which shows she just laid and she is having a good rest.

We have no other person to thank for the safe delivery of this little girl but God, 12-Year-Old give birth to twins, God is truly wonderful.

Facebook users were amazed seeing God’s blessing in her life by making her deliver safely despite her age, majorities were in question of who gave got her pregnant whole others congratulates saying “Some women are looking for Child they haven’t seen”

Opinion: congratulation you have also begun a little journey, but I would have advised you to finish your studies, before settling down but if you can still try please make sure your finish your secondary for the best, and try as much as possible to further your education, the Lord will be with you in Jesus name.

What advice would you give this little girl if she was your sister?

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